Peering Information operates under a single Autonomous System Number. All prefixes advertised are originated by ASes listed in our AS-SET. Our primary IRR is RIPE.


You might find additional information at peeringdb.

For peering inqureries please contact peering at

For operational issues please contact noc at

Public Peering

Currently exchange traffic at the following Internet exchange points.

Netnod Copenhagen212.237.192.2332001:7f8:d:202::233
Netnod Copenhagen212.237.193.2332001:7f8:d:203::233
NL-IX Copenhagen193.239.118.952001:7f8:13::a504:8374:1

Private Peering

We will consider private peering if, public peering is not possible and/or traffic volumes is high enough.

Peering Policy

We run an open policy and generally we will peer. We have a few restrictions and most networks will be able to comply.